(Type of cab)
Base fare
(Minimum charge for ride)
Extra fare Before Min distance
(Charge/KM after Min distance)
Extra fare After Min distance
(Charge/KM after Min distance)
Ride time fare
(Charge/Min after Min time)
tino Rs.20 Rs.5 Up to 10 Km Rs.10 From 10 Km Rs.1
mini Rs.40 Rs.9 Up to 12 Km Rs.12 From 12 Km Rs.1
sedan Rs.40 Rs.12 Up to 12 Km Rs.14 From 12 Km Rs.1
suv Rs.400 Rs.20 Rs.20 From 5 Km Rs.2
tino-Hourly (1 hr) Rs.300 Rs.9 Rs.9 From 10 Km Rs.1.5
mini-Hourly (1 hr) Rs.300 Rs.10 Rs.10 From 10 Km Rs.1.5
sedan-Hourly (1 hr) Rs.300 Rs.12 Rs.12 From 10 Km Rs.1.67
tino-Hourly (2 hr) Rs.450 Rs.9 Up to 20 Km Rs.20 From 20 Km Rs.1.5
mini-Hourly (2 hr) Rs.450 Rs.10 Rs.10 From 20 Km Rs.1.5
sedan-Hourly (2 hr) Rs.500 Rs.12 Rs.12 From 20 Km Rs.1.67
tino-Hourly (4 hr) Rs.650 Rs.9 Rs.9 From 40 Km Rs.1.5
mini-Hourly (4 hr) Rs.750 Rs.10 Rs.10 From 40 Km Rs.1.5
sedan-Hourly (4 hr) Rs.800 Rs.12 Rs.12 From 40 Km Rs.1.67
suv-Hourly (4 hr) Rs.1300 Rs.18 Rs.18 From 40 Km Rs.2.5
tino-Hourly (5 hr) Rs.800 Rs.10 Rs.10 From 50 Km Rs.1.5
mini-Hourly (5 hr) Rs.900 Rs.10 Rs.10 From 50 Km Rs.1.5
sedan-Hourly (5 hr) Rs.999 Rs.12 Rs.12 From 50 Km Rs.1.67
tino-Hourly (8 hr) Rs.1200 Rs.9 Rs.9 From 80 Km Rs.1.5
mini-Hourly (8 hr) Rs.1400 Rs.10 Rs.10 From 80 Km Rs.1.5
sedan-Hourly (8 hr) Rs.1500 Rs.12 Rs.12 From 80 Km Rs.1.67
suv-Hourly (8 hr) Rs.2000 Rs.18 Rs.18 From 80 Km Rs.2.5
tino-outstation Rs.2500 Rs.9 Rs.9 From 250 Km Rs.5
mini-outstation Rs.2750 Rs.10 Rs.10 From 250 Km Rs.5
sedan-outstation Rs.3000 Rs.11 Rs.11 From 250 Km Rs.5
suv-outstation Rs.4450 Rs.14 Rs.14 From 300 Km Rs.5
meru_tino Rs.20 Rs.5 Up to 5 Km Rs.10 From 5 Km Rs.1
meru_sedan Rs.40 Rs.12 Up to 12 Km Rs.16 From 12 Km Rs.1